TouchDesigner 099 Basic Course English

TouchDesigner is a media platform for visual programming of generative 3D and 2D graphics, video mapping, interactive installations and for creating applications.

Our course is designed for a relatively short time to immerse the student in the maximum number of aspects of the platform, to give an idea of sustainable working with 3D graphics, sound processing and synchronization with music programs, and provide the skills to create the user interface for their applications.

Main focus of the course is the academic approach and deep understanding of TouchDesigner paradimg, structure, data flow and 3D graphics on advanced level.

The course is designed for beginner as soon as for the media artists, vj, interested in 3D graphics, and musicians who want to expand their visual performance show.

Course contains 13 Hours of videorecordings and TouchDesigner projects for each lesson available to download

Course Topics:

Part I - 2 hours 25 min

  • Basics of TD interface
  • Data Types anc Context
  • Basic render setup and render output to projectors / screen

Part II - 2 hours 57 min

  • Procedural Modeling - working wth SOPs
  • Atrributes
  • Groups
  • Point Expressions as Modeling Tool

Part III - 2 hours 35 min

  • Copy SOP
  • Particles
  • Instancing
  • Texture Arrays. Creating Texture Arrays from video using GLSL
  • Editing of geometry attributes by CHOP

Part IV - 1 hour 27 min

  • Control of video playback
  • Non Realtime Rendering
    CHOP and working with live data. Triggers.
  • Sound Analysis

Part V - 1 hour 43 min

  • Rendering
  • Shading - Photorealism
  • Render Passes and Render Buffers

Part VI - 2 Hours 7 min

  • PBR Rendering
  • Basics of SubstanceDesigner
  • Shading - the basics of GLSL shading
  • Event CHOP
  • Working with tabular data and scripting
  • Creating a Paint Tool

You'll get 1 RAR and 6 MP4

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