TouchDesigner 203: Geometry and Scripting

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TouchDesigner is a media platform for visual programming of generative 3D and 2D graphics, video mapping, interactive installations and for creating applications.

Our course is designed for a relatively short time to immerse the student in the maximum number of aspects of the platform, to give an idea of sustainable working with 3D graphics, sound processing and synchronization with music programs, and provide the skills to create the user interface for their applications.

Main focus of the course is the academic approach and deep understanding of software structure, data flow and 3D graphics on advanced level.

The course is designed for media artists, vj, interested in 3D graphics, and musicians who want to expand their visual performance show.


Geometry and Scripting

  • Python Introduction
  • Script SOP - Creation of Scatter SOP
  • Script CHOP - optimizing chop networks using Python scripting
  • L-Systems

Course Content:

Script SOP - 3h 30 min

Script CHOP - 50 min

LSystems - 1 h 30 min

Total timing: 5h 50 min

Project Toes:

scriptSopStart.toe - Scatter ScriptSOP

cliffordAttractor.toe - CliffordAttractor ScriptSOP

ScriptChopMes - Basic Explanation of ScriptCHOP

ScriptChopScenario - Custom Timer ScriptCHOP

LSysStart - Working LSystem SOP