SOP on GPU - Geometry Shaders in TouchDesigner 099

The video course contains 6 Hours of screen recordings and TouchDesigner projects available to download.

We present video course "Geometry GLSL Shaders in TouchDesigner" by Stanislav Glazov. The course is based on long and intensive experience of trying to improve the complexity and quality of real time Graphics created in TouchDesigner.

It's oriented to intermediate TD users with an understanding of the SOP concept and basics of the GLSL coding.

Part I - GLSL Shader Basics - 52 min

  1. SOP data structure in TouchDesigner
  2. OpenGL Rendering Pipeline
  3. Changes in GLSL approach in 099 Version

Part II - Custom Bypass Shader - 52 min

  1. Structure of Default shader
  2. Get your code cleaner and abstract:
  3. Custom Data Structures and Functions

Part III - Practical Examples - 1 Hour 13 min

  1. Delete Primitives by Number Shader
  2. Delete Primitives by Distance Shader
  3. Transform Primitives Shader (using transformation matrices)
  4. Magner Deform Shader ( using metaball function )

Part IV - Practical Examples - 1 Hour 26 min

  1. Extrude Primitive Shader
  2. Polywire ( Tube ) Shader

Part V - Practical Examples - 1 Hour 43 min

  1. Plexus Shader (Looping through Geometry, Using Uniform Texture Buffers)
  2. Multi Instancing ( Creating of Dynamic Text Effects in 3D using Python and Geometry Shaders)
  3. Cleaning Point Clouds from Kinect
  4. Carving Curves
  5. Rendering Particle Trails using Cache TOP and Geometry Shader
  6. Using Shaders in SOP Context

You'll get 1 ZIP and 5 MP4

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